William Elliott Whitmore / ウイリアム・エリオット・ウィットモア - Field Songs / フィールド・ソングス

Label: Anti/Epitaph


William Elliott Whitmore documents a vanishing American landscape with all the heartfelt soul and quiet fury one would hope for. "Heartland firebrand blows fuse, fights for truth" heralded Spin Magazine when describing Whitmore, who utilizes a powerful singing voice beyond his years and a stark dramatic sound rooted in bluegrass, blues and folk protest music. The new songs vividly evoke a life of struggle, humble resilience and family bond undoubtedly inspired by life on his family's farm along the Mississippi River.

William Elliott Whitmore - Field Songs / ウイリアム・エリオット・ウィットモア - フィールド・ソングス


  1. Bury Your Burdens In The Ground
  2. Field Song
  3. Don't Need It
  4. Everything Gets Gone
  5. Let's Do Something Impossible
  6. Get There From Here
  7. We'll Carry On
  8. Not Feeling Any Pain