Gotan Project / ゴタン・プロジェクト - Tango 3.0 / タンゴ・3.0

Label: Xl Recordings

フランスの人気グループ、ゴタン・プロジェクトの約4年ぶりとなるサード・アルバム。Dr. John 等がゲスト参加。

Tango 3.0 arrives a decade after the group formed, still faithful to its founding principles, but this time featuring a host of exciting guests and collaborators. Dr. John lends the smooth sound of the Hammond B3 to 'Tango Square', the work of Argentian author Jules Cortázar is reincarnated through a reading from his novel Rayuela on the track of the same name. Even Victor Hugo Morales, the legendary football commentator, lends his vocals to first single "La Gloria" (paying homage to his famous goal proclamation that sound tracked Marradonna's infamous 2nd goal against England)

Gotan Project - Tango 3.0 / ゴタン・プロジェクト - タンゴ・3.0


  1. Tango Square
  2. Rayuela
  3. Desilusion
  4. Peligro
  5. La Gloria
  6. Mil Milones
  7. Tu Misterio
  8. De Hombre a Hombre
  9. El Mensajero
  10. Panamericana
  11. Erase Una Vez